November 07, 2017

Kickstarter Backers Stoked with Zubits

When Jackie from Columbus, Ohio first invested in Zubits through our Kickstarter campaign, she was a little cautious about how effective the actual product was going to be. Now she tells us; “I funded this on Kickstarter and I'm SO glad I did. I'll never go back to regular shoe laces. Great job Zubits! One of the few Kickstarters I've funded that wasn't a huge disappointment .” 

This is our commitment to our backers, to create a solid time saving shoe lace solution that will contribute to their lives day in and out for years to come.

A Family Affaire of Zubits

As parents, we’ve always loved the idea of helping our entire family with something extremely useful or beautiful. That includes our friends and their friends and families. When we designed our magnetic shoe closures, we did so with everyone from children to the elderly in mind. Zubits closures various sizes and colors are designed to meet the entire tribe’s range of needs. 

We recently heard from Kickstarter friends in Japan who have been testing out our family-of-Zubits theory: “Five months on and I just want to say I am loving the ZUBITS. I have them on my work shoes, casual trainers and my walking boots. My son has them on his trainers too. I like my shoes tied TIGHT and being in Japan, where we have to take shoes off and put on again at regular intervals, these have been a God send!!! Working perfectly. I’ll probably end up ordering more of them soon (the ten I did order have already been used). What a fantastic job and a wonderful product. Well done all!!”

Ten pairs of Zubits closures on the whole families’ shoes means everyone gets out the door sooner, has less shoe lace tying hassles throughout the day and when everyone gets home, they can simply ‘click out’ of their shoes. Some families even attach their Zubits magnets to shelves in pairs keeping things even tidier at home. Other families have special needs, from early childhood developmental concerns to elderly family members who simply need a hand getting those hard to reach and tie laces taken care of. It’s with these things in mind that we’re especially glad to see families around the world coping and enjoying life just that little bit more with Zubits magnetic closures.

November 07, 2017

Good Looking Laces Means Good Looking Shoes

People spend good money on shoes that they love or feel represent them in some way. From sneaker heads to athletes to moms out for a stroll - we all want our shoes to look their best helping us look our best. But then there’s the laces. Long, floppy, easily soiled and generally untidy. Floppy bows can make a great looking pair of shoes similar to a new car off the lot, instantly devalued. 

At Zubits®, we wanted to create a magnetic closure solution that would make your shoes look as good, if not better, than when you first saw them in the store, laces neatly tucked away into the shoe. It’s no secret, by the way, why retailers tuck those laces away because as soon as you tie the bow, the shoes instantly look kinda messy. However, if you finish off your laces with any one of Zubits closures style colors, your shoes retain that smart, clean in-store look. 

Even as your shoes start to wear, Zubits closures will look as new as the day you bought them. Our long lasting neodymium magnetics will keep your shoes as tight as your overall look. And when you’re ready for that new pair of shoes, you can simply pop your existing Zubits shoe closures onto the new pair, or buy another color that suits your evolving style. At Zubits®, we aim to add convenience, durability and style to your everyday life. So how are we doing? Let us know how great your Zubits-enhanced shoes are looking by adding a pic to our Instagram feed at #zubitsmyshoes

Styling Up the Kicks

At Zubits®, we’re getting a constant stream of pictures from people styling up their shoes with our wide range of colors. Not only do Zubits closures tighten up your laces, they clean up your shoes overall apperance by eliminating sloppy bows or loose lace ends. That, and the cool colors available with our durable magnetic closures make pimping your shoes a breeze. Have a look at the latest Zubits trends on Twitter or Instagram with #zubitsmyshoes

Zubits clean laces

November 07, 2017

Zubits closures assisting special needs!

Independence for Kids with Special Needs

Helping kids to be more independent is what Zubits closures is all about. Especially children who are challenged in any way with motor or coginitive skill development. It makes our day therefore when parents tell us how their kids are getting on with their lives just a little bit better thanks to Zubits. Lee from Houston, TX recently made our day when she wrote: “My son is developmentally delayed. He is very smart and has learned to be very independent. He helps with chores, makes his own lunch, sorts recyclables and much more. But, no matter how many times we have tried, we have be unsuccessful at teaching him to tie his shoes. And once he hit size 4, it is pretty much impossible to find shoes with Velcro. Thank you so much for your invention!”

Tackling Life's Issues

When life throws the tough stuff at you, you need a bit of support to get through the everydayness of life. We designed Zubits magnetic closures to support families in need of a few more minutes each day, or a few less hassles to deal with. This is why we’re stoked to hear from people like Steven from Indiana who tells us: “I don’t wanna seem like a sales person here but just from personal experience, these are life savers. Our son has braces and will probably not learn how to tie his shoe laces due to his Cerebral Palsy and how it affects him. He loves them.”

If we can help tick one little box for Steven’s family, the getting on and off of shoes each day, then we feel like our product design and our company is a success.

Making Mums Glad

As a parent, we know how tough it can be for kids at school. The comparisons and issues that arise from being different can be a daily hassle. This can be even tougher for kids with special needs which is why we’re thrilled to hear from Kate in Brisbane, Australia who recently wrote: “I just wanted to give you some feedback on your product. My beautiful son has special needs and low muscle tone makes doing up shoe laces an Mt. Everest for him. He starts high school this year and as part of the uniform he has to have black shoes with laces. Zubits closures have given him his independence. He can now go to school and look no different from his peers and easily get his shoes on and off. I am so glad, I got a grey pair for his sports shoes too! Thank you.”

Zubits lending a helping hand

Zubits fan Jeff from Dallas, Georgia was super glad abut nthe fact that “My son wears an Ankle-Foot Orthosis and Zubits are a lifesaver! They save us so much time and frustration in the morning! Thank you Zubits for creating such a simple and amazing product! I want some for my boots now!” 

We’re hearing these stories across a borad range of those with physical needs and we’re so glad Zubits closures are making life just a bit more manageable. 

AFO Zubits brace special needs

November 07, 2017

Kids Love Their Zubits magnets!


Sometimes it’s those little everyday things that bring joy to a family. Like a child’s sense of accomplishment or independence in getting ready for the day. Shawnie from Nebraska is excited about this as she tells us: “My daughter got zubits!!! Added them to her shoes and they are amazing!!!! No waiting for mommy and daddy to tie her shoes!!! Thank you and love them!! Going to order some for me, my niece and some extra ones!! Great product!!”

We’re assuming all those exclamation marks come from a place excitement. We feel the same way every day we make a family’s life better.


Getting dressed in the morning doesn’t have to be a chore for kids. It can be a whole lot “funner” in fact, with Zubits magnetic closures. Some kids get how cool this is, like Tina’s son from Dorset, U.K.: “Put them on my sons trainers today and he loves them. I have put the black ones on his school shoes ready for the morning and he can't wait to show his friends. He stamps his feet wearing his school shoes and they close by themselves. Trainers have a padded tongue so a little more difficult to close but he soon got the hang of it. What an amazing fun and useful product. Well Done!” 

How cool is that, a little stamp together and he’s off to show his mates at school. A kids life should be this fun, even when putting on their shoes each and every day.

November 07, 2017

Zubits closures lend a helping hand

Zubits® fan Jeff from Dallas, Georgia was super glad abut the fact that “My son wears an Ankle-Foot Orthosis and Zubits are a lifesaver! They save us so much time and frustration in the morning! Thank you Zubits for creating such a simple and amazing product! I want some for my boots now!” 

We’re hearing these stories across a broad range of those with physical needs and we’re so glad Zubits closures are making life just a bit more manageable.  Occupational Therapist both order Zubits closures for clients at the offices and recommend them to those undergoing occupational therapy.

AFO brace Zubits

October 09, 2017

Installing Zubits closures are a breeze!

We’ve spent a lot of time designing Zubits magnets in such a way that they save you time each and every day. To start off with, this means a straight forward installation process so that you’re up and running ASAP. This is exactly what new Zubits® owner Bill of Baton Rouge, Louisiana found when he told us that “15 minutes out of the mailbox! Easy install. Easier on/off than my velcro walking shoes!”

We’ve prepared a great installation guide for each Zubits closures package as well as an easy to follow video which you can view on our web site:

zubits installation magnets easy

Zubits® Are Here To Help

Convenience is a huge deal to us at Zubits®. Our whole approach to design, packaging, installation and everyday use is that our magnetic shoe closures must make your life a little bit sweeter each day. To that end, we’ve spent a lot of time developing our product and web site so you can get going with Zubits closures ASAP. 

One of the standards we set for ourselves in this regard is how happy our Superbackers from Kickstarter are with installing and using Zubits closures. Here’s one report of many: “Love these. I used the website tricks and tips section to lace my boots and added ‘the loop’ for easy opening (I am disabled). Thanks for a great product, we will be ordering more.” What this Superbacker is referring to is our website section ( which shows a number of ways to install and adjust your shoes to make Zubits work for your particular needs. 

Whether it’s opening your Zubits-enhanced shoes with one hand, working with 3-eyelet shoes or lacing work boots with Zubits closures, our tips section is well illustrated with how-to’s, videos and more. We also have great installation guides online at which include step by step videos and downloadable pdf’s to smooth your Zubits closures transition. We’re committed to making your life a bit easier every day and will continue to share everything we know about installing and using Zubits magnetic closures. 

October 09, 2017

Zubits at Work and at Play

Sue from Portland, Oregon seemed a little surprised when she wrote: “Hey, these things really work! I bought a pair for my tennis shoes and for my steel toe, waterproof work boots and they work perfectly on both! They're great!” 

Zubits magnetic shoe closures make both work and play just that much more convenient, time saving and comfortable. They’re tough at work and hold strong while at play and like Sue says, they work perfectly on both!

zubits magnetic shoelaces nike
zubits boots laces
October 03, 2017

Time is money and Zubits saves both!

Zubits fan Bill from Smithville, New Jersey recently told us that “I'm a strong believer in "time is money.” These things have taken 3-5 minutes off my morning routine and made coming home from work a breeze. I cannot thank you guys enough for creating these.” We’ve recieved similar encouragement from The Huffington Post’s Nandeet Mehta who wrote that “Keeping your laces tied with Zubits magnetic shoe closures make taking your shoes on and off just about the easiest thing you’ll do all day.”

The fact that Zubits can be transferred from your old to new pairs of shoes means that your initial investment in our magnetic shoe closures will save even more money, and time, and therefore money… each and every day.

Zubits save time money
October 03, 2017

Climb with confidence, sports, hike with ease!

Zubits fan Emyl from Finland recently wrote us to say: “that I recently started climbing again, and I figured I'd try installing (Zubits) on my climbing shoes. They worked great! I don't know if you're familiar with rock climbing, but basically climbing shoes are REALLY tight. So tight that after climbing you want to take them off if you're going to be walking or belaying someone. That means taking off your shoes and putting them back every couple of minutes. My shoes are still super tight and they didn't come undone. I kinda hated those climbing shoes because I hated the laces, but now they're perfect.”

We’re stoked to see Zubits in action across a range of sports and would love to hear your sporty story as well!

zubits climb hike shoes

Zubits Cheered on by Runners

We’ve designed Zubits closures to give runners more convenience and at the same time, a strong solution to stay laced while running in their favorite shoes. So it was good news when we heard from Atticus in Port Angeles, Washington who told us “Just got my pair today. Not usually a product cheerleader, but this company deserves to succeed. So far so good, and looking forward to getting out the door on my runs just that much easier, day after day:-)” 

Hiking with Confidence

Byron from Oregon tells us he “Just walked 3 miles around and through Oaks Park in Portland, OR. These things are awesome! Not once did they come apart, nor did my laces loosen. I even had a few people ask where I got them. Thanks Zubits!” We’ve had other fans tell us of much longer hikes where the ease of getting boots and hiking shoes on and off was a sheer relief with Zubits, especially in the snow with gloved hands!

This is great news for us at Zubtis where we’ve designed our magnetic closures to be super easy to get into and out of your shoes while being completely reliable during the long walks of your days.

Rolling with Zubits Closures

When the Head Ref at Manchester Roller Derby sends you a pic of his Zubits on Roller Skates, well, you just gotta high five the guy as he rolls by.

Zubits sports skates

February 11, 2016

Zubits closures helping with special needs

We've been hearing from people with special needs, their occupational and physical therapists and family members all over the world sharing about how Zubits closures are helping them with lacing their shoes. They're finding increased ease of getting their shoes on (due to the wide opening Zubits creates), the ability to put laces together with minimum effort, or even with one hand. And, what's been really fantastic, is that across the board people are finding more mobility, flexibility and best of all, confidence! We love that.
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