Kickstarter Backers Stoked with Zubits

When Jackie from Columbus, Ohio first invested in Zubits through our Kickstarter campaign, she was a little cautious about how effective the actual product was going to be. Now she tells us; “I funded this on Kickstarter and I'm SO glad I did. I'll never go back to regular shoe laces. Great job Zubits! One of the few Kickstarters I've funded that wasn't a huge disappointment .” 

This is our commitment to our backers, to create a solid time saving shoe lace solution that will contribute to their lives day in and out for years to come.

A Family Affaire of Zubits

As parents, we’ve always loved the idea of helping our entire family with something extremely useful or beautiful. That includes our friends and their friends and families. When we designed our magnetic shoe closures, we did so with everyone from children to the elderly in mind. Zubits closures various sizes and colors are designed to meet the entire tribe’s range of needs. 

We recently heard from Kickstarter friends in Japan who have been testing out our family-of-Zubits theory: “Five months on and I just want to say I am loving the ZUBITS. I have them on my work shoes, casual trainers and my walking boots. My son has them on his trainers too. I like my shoes tied TIGHT and being in Japan, where we have to take shoes off and put on again at regular intervals, these have been a God send!!! Working perfectly. I’ll probably end up ordering more of them soon (the ten I did order have already been used). What a fantastic job and a wonderful product. Well done all!!”

Ten pairs of Zubits closures on the whole families’ shoes means everyone gets out the door sooner, has less shoe lace tying hassles throughout the day and when everyone gets home, they can simply ‘click out’ of their shoes. Some families even attach their Zubits magnets to shelves in pairs keeping things even tidier at home. Other families have special needs, from early childhood developmental concerns to elderly family members who simply need a hand getting those hard to reach and tie laces taken care of. It’s with these things in mind that we’re especially glad to see families around the world coping and enjoying life just that little bit more with Zubits magnetic closures.