Kids Love Their Zubits magnets!


Sometimes it’s those little everyday things that bring joy to a family. Like a child’s sense of accomplishment or independence in getting ready for the day. Shawnie from Nebraska is excited about this as she tells us: “My daughter got zubits!!! Added them to her shoes and they are amazing!!!! No waiting for mommy and daddy to tie her shoes!!! Thank you and love them!! Going to order some for me, my niece and some extra ones!! Great product!!”

We’re assuming all those exclamation marks come from a place excitement. We feel the same way every day we make a family’s life better.


Getting dressed in the morning doesn’t have to be a chore for kids. It can be a whole lot “funner” in fact, with Zubits magnetic closures. Some kids get how cool this is, like Tina’s son from Dorset, U.K.: “Put them on my sons trainers today and he loves them. I have put the black ones on his school shoes ready for the morning and he can't wait to show his friends. He stamps his feet wearing his school shoes and they close by themselves. Trainers have a padded tongue so a little more difficult to close but he soon got the hang of it. What an amazing fun and useful product. Well Done!” 

How cool is that, a little stamp together and he’s off to show his mates at school. A kids life should be this fun, even when putting on their shoes each and every day.