Zubits closures assisting special needs!

Independence for Kids with Special Needs

Helping kids to be more independent is what Zubits closures is all about. Especially children who are challenged in any way with motor or coginitive skill development. It makes our day therefore when parents tell us how their kids are getting on with their lives just a little bit better thanks to Zubits. Lee from Houston, TX recently made our day when she wrote: “My son is developmentally delayed. He is very smart and has learned to be very independent. He helps with chores, makes his own lunch, sorts recyclables and much more. But, no matter how many times we have tried, we have be unsuccessful at teaching him to tie his shoes. And once he hit size 4, it is pretty much impossible to find shoes with Velcro. Thank you so much for your invention!”

Tackling Life's Issues

When life throws the tough stuff at you, you need a bit of support to get through the everydayness of life. We designed Zubits magnetic closures to support families in need of a few more minutes each day, or a few less hassles to deal with. This is why we’re stoked to hear from people like Steven from Indiana who tells us: “I don’t wanna seem like a sales person here but just from personal experience, these are life savers. Our son has braces and will probably not learn how to tie his shoe laces due to his Cerebral Palsy and how it affects him. He loves them.”

If we can help tick one little box for Steven’s family, the getting on and off of shoes each day, then we feel like our product design and our company is a success.

Making Mums Glad

As a parent, we know how tough it can be for kids at school. The comparisons and issues that arise from being different can be a daily hassle. This can be even tougher for kids with special needs which is why we’re thrilled to hear from Kate in Brisbane, Australia who recently wrote: “I just wanted to give you some feedback on your product. My beautiful son has special needs and low muscle tone makes doing up shoe laces an Mt. Everest for him. He starts high school this year and as part of the uniform he has to have black shoes with laces. Zubits closures have given him his independence. He can now go to school and look no different from his peers and easily get his shoes on and off. I am so glad, I got a grey pair for his sports shoes too! Thank you.”

Zubits lending a helping hand

Zubits fan Jeff from Dallas, Georgia was super glad abut nthe fact that “My son wears an Ankle-Foot Orthosis and Zubits are a lifesaver! They save us so much time and frustration in the morning! Thank you Zubits for creating such a simple and amazing product! I want some for my boots now!” 

We’re hearing these stories across a borad range of those with physical needs and we’re so glad Zubits closures are making life just a bit more manageable. 

AFO Zubits brace special needs