Good Looking Laces Means Good Looking Shoes

People spend good money on shoes that they love or feel represent them in some way. From sneaker heads to athletes to moms out for a stroll - we all want our shoes to look their best helping us look our best. But then there’s the laces. Long, floppy, easily soiled and generally untidy. Floppy bows can make a great looking pair of shoes similar to a new car off the lot, instantly devalued. 

At Zubits®, we wanted to create a magnetic closure solution that would make your shoes look as good, if not better, than when you first saw them in the store, laces neatly tucked away into the shoe. It’s no secret, by the way, why retailers tuck those laces away because as soon as you tie the bow, the shoes instantly look kinda messy. However, if you finish off your laces with any one of Zubits closures style colors, your shoes retain that smart, clean in-store look. 

Even as your shoes start to wear, Zubits closures will look as new as the day you bought them. Our long lasting neodymium magnetics will keep your shoes as tight as your overall look. And when you’re ready for that new pair of shoes, you can simply pop your existing Zubits shoe closures onto the new pair, or buy another color that suits your evolving style. At Zubits®, we aim to add convenience, durability and style to your everyday life. So how are we doing? Let us know how great your Zubits-enhanced shoes are looking by adding a pic to our Instagram feed at #zubitsmyshoes

Styling Up the Kicks

At Zubits®, we’re getting a constant stream of pictures from people styling up their shoes with our wide range of colors. Not only do Zubits closures tighten up your laces, they clean up your shoes overall apperance by eliminating sloppy bows or loose lace ends. That, and the cool colors available with our durable magnetic closures make pimping your shoes a breeze. Have a look at the latest Zubits trends on Twitter or Instagram with #zubitsmyshoes

Zubits clean laces