The Zubits Story

In 2012, Ryan & Valerie Wiens started asking if there could be an easier way to put on and take off shoes.  Their three boys were their inspiration.  They noticed that even velcro shoes took a long time for them to put on.  And the cute shoes with laces they bought for their kids just never got worn.  So they went about engineering a solution that involved magnets.  Working with engineers at a high-tech magnetics engineering company in California, Zubits magnetic shoe closures were born.  But as they developed Zubits closures and saw how convenient they were, they realized that everyone could use an easier way to get in and out of shoes… kids, adults, and the elderly.  The friends and family they gave prototypes to loved them.  

So in 2014, Zubits magnetic closures were launched as a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter to help raise money for the first manufacturing and production.  The response was overwhelming.  7,200 individual backers from all over the world pledged their support for Zubits® in one month and made Zubits® a reality!

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