Zubits Magnetic Closures Benefits

• Imagine sliding into your shoes as if your laces weren't even there. 
• Imagine laces that tied themselves. 
• Imagine stepping out of your shoes hands-free. 
• Magnets do stuff like that...

Huge Opening - When Zubits closures are separated, it’s as if three rows of shoelaces have disappeared.  This gives you a huge opening to quickly and easily slide into your shoes.  No more squeezing into shoes.

Fast Magnetic Closing - Just pull the magnets together and they magnetically attach themselves.  No more tying, double knotting, or un-knotting.

Shoes off Hands-Free- With Zubits closures, stepping out of your shoes is quick, easy, and the right way to do it.  As you pull your foot up the magnets split open leaving your shoes wide open to slip into next time.

No Loose Laces - With Zubits closures there are no laces to come undone, double knot, trip over, unknot or get stuck in bike chains.

A Clean Look - Zubits™ actually make your shoes look better.  Keep your shoelaces that match your shoes but lose the messy bows.  Shoe companies never display bows on their shoes because they look ugly.  Zubits™ give you that clean display-shoe look. 

Use them forever - You may wear out many pairs of shoes but use the same Zubits™ on all of them.  Elastic laces often stretch out before your shoes wear out.

Stick your shoes anywhere - With strong magnets on your shoes, you can conveniently hang your shoe in a lot of new places.  You can also attach them to each other to keep them neatly organized in your closet.

Wear shoes like slippers - You can pop the magnets open while wearing your shoes as you sit behind your desk, walk around the home, or take a flight. Your shoes become like comfortable slippers.