Installing Zubits closures are a breeze!

We’ve spent a lot of time designing Zubits magnets in such a way that they save you time each and every day. To start off with, this means a straight forward installation process so that you’re up and running ASAP. This is exactly what new Zubits® owner Bill of Baton Rouge, Louisiana found when he told us that “15 minutes out of the mailbox! Easy install. Easier on/off than my velcro walking shoes!”

We’ve prepared a great installation guide for each Zubits closures package as well as an easy to follow video which you can view on our web site:

zubits installation magnets easy

Zubits® Are Here To Help

Convenience is a huge deal to us at Zubits®. Our whole approach to design, packaging, installation and everyday use is that our magnetic shoe closures must make your life a little bit sweeter each day. To that end, we’ve spent a lot of time developing our product and web site so you can get going with Zubits closures ASAP. 

One of the standards we set for ourselves in this regard is how happy our Superbackers from Kickstarter are with installing and using Zubits closures. Here’s one report of many: “Love these. I used the website tricks and tips section to lace my boots and added ‘the loop’ for easy opening (I am disabled). Thanks for a great product, we will be ordering more.” What this Superbacker is referring to is our website section ( which shows a number of ways to install and adjust your shoes to make Zubits work for your particular needs. 

Whether it’s opening your Zubits-enhanced shoes with one hand, working with 3-eyelet shoes or lacing work boots with Zubits closures, our tips section is well illustrated with how-to’s, videos and more. We also have great installation guides online at which include step by step videos and downloadable pdf’s to smooth your Zubits closures transition. We’re committed to making your life a bit easier every day and will continue to share everything we know about installing and using Zubits magnetic closures.