August 17, 2015

Father and son running with Zubits closures

A couple of weeks ago Isaac Bergman shared his running experiences with Zubits closures in New York's Coney Island. Now Isaac says his son is sporting a new blue pair of Zubits closures and "he loves them". So does Isaac's youngest son who now wants to know when his Zubits are showing up. Back to school present anyone? Zubits closures are keeping the Bergman's on the run in NY.

August 13, 2015

Hiking & camping with Zubits closures

Zubits actually work really well for hiking shoes and boots. In our experiences camping and hiking, we put on and remove our shoes all the time. Going into and out of tents, crossing streams etc means you want to get into and out of your shoes without dealing with the laces and knots. Plus your laces don’t flop around catching stickers or those poky nettles, and in cold climates, you don't have to remove your gloves to lace or unlace your shoes. Hiking and camping win! ‪#‎zubits‬ ‪#‎hiking‬ ‪#‎merrell‬

August 07, 2015

Zubits wants to know your story! 

We'd love to hear and see how you're using your Zubits closures while running, working, at the playground or gym, styling it up... Take some pics, share your story on Facebook, TAG US and we'll pick two winners this month and send each winner TWO FREE PAIRS OF ZUBITS for your family, friends, or even more for you!

July 31, 2015

Zubits gets selected to be on The Grommet

The fine people over at The Grommet have exercised their extreme good taste in selecting Zubits for a product launch on Friday 12noon EST. The Grommet is an amazing site bringing innovative makers and early adopters together so that people can share their stories and buy differently. Since their launch in 2008, The Grommet have reviewed over 60,000 products but have only chosen less than 3% to introduce to the rest of the world. Zubits have been selected because their great design, functionality and ease of use. Make sure you head on over to The Grommet and follow the launch this Friday.

July 24, 2015

Running With ZUbits Closures

Isaac Bergman has run over 150 miles with his Zubits magnetic closures. In Brooklyn NY, this means running mostly on pavement except for when Isaac jogs down the famed Coney Island Boardwalk - flashing his white Zubits closures and Asics. After an initial concern about them opening up, stranding him miles from home, Isaac now confidently runs in Zubits a few times a week for 5 to 6 miles a pop. He tells us they’ve taken him over 150 miles without incidence. There’s another pair of Blue Zubits closures on their way for Isaac’s 9 year old son, who we hear will be running down the boardwalk with dad for the next pic. ‪#‎zubits‬ ‪#‎asics‬ ‪#‎gadgets‬

July 15, 2015

Elly Tucker Dancing Away in Zubits Closures

Elly Tucker teaches a dance class in Charlottesville VA called BeMoved. She says it’s a combination of jazz dance, yoga and t’ai chi. Wow! Elly also takes a ’Step’ class using a different pair of cross trainer shoes. As you can imagine, these are pretty high powered classes in terms of movement and flexibility. Elly was an early Kickstarter backer and after an initial hesitation in putting Zubits closures on her shoes thinking “oh, too complicated” she installed them and immediately found they “were a snap”.

She also tells us: “I get a lot of comments about them at the gym and dance class. The magnets work GREAT. They’re strong and I never worry about them coming apart while I am dancing or moving. I choose not to step out of them. I actually like my ritual of sitting down, twisting them apart and then letting the strong magnet catch the one of the other shoe. Snap! What a satisfying sound. I love them! A lot!!”

Elly says her students are always tying and re-tying their laces while she snaps into her shoes and gets dancing. She’s now getting a lot of comments and questions from others in the studio about Zubits magnetic closures and wonders to us; “Who wouldn’t want these?”

July 12, 2015

Zubits closures around the world

As the need to simplify shoe tying and keeping ones shoes stylie is a global wish, we keep finding people around the world who have gotten their hands on Zubits magnetic closures and want to share the innovation with people in their own country and language. If your Romanian language skills are sharp enough, check out this blog from
July 06, 2015

Great reviews for Zubits closures keep pouring in...

We've been so encouraged by people sharing their Zubits shoe closures stories with us. We've been told that the marketing promise of easing the putting on and taking off of shoes each day, in a stylish and simple way has exceeded their expectations. This makes us pretty happy as our goal has been to simplify and we hope, beautify peoples lives (and their shoes) with Zubits Closures.

June 24, 2015

Check out Zubits magnetic closures video channel

We've posted a series of videos showing how easy it is to install and use Zubits magnetic closures on all kinds of shoes. We get user reactions on the streets of San Fransisco and profile other people who have put Zubits magnets on their favorite shoes. You can see our Zubits Closures Youtube Channel by clicking here:
June 19, 2015

Zubits closures gets the Staff Pick at Gadget Flow

The Gadget Flow is a cool blog about all kinds of great innovations. Zubits magnets recently got their 'Staff Pick' for ease of use and design innovation which you can read about here: