Elly Tucker Dancing Away in Zubits Closures

Elly Tucker teaches a dance class in Charlottesville VA called BeMoved. She says it’s a combination of jazz dance, yoga and t’ai chi. Wow! Elly also takes a ’Step’ class using a different pair of cross trainer shoes. As you can imagine, these are pretty high powered classes in terms of movement and flexibility. Elly was an early Kickstarter backer and after an initial hesitation in putting Zubits closures on her shoes thinking “oh, too complicated” she installed them and immediately found they “were a snap”.

She also tells us: “I get a lot of comments about them at the gym and dance class. The magnets work GREAT. They’re strong and I never worry about them coming apart while I am dancing or moving. I choose not to step out of them. I actually like my ritual of sitting down, twisting them apart and then letting the strong magnet catch the one of the other shoe. Snap! What a satisfying sound. I love them! A lot!!”

Elly says her students are always tying and re-tying their laces while she snaps into her shoes and gets dancing. She’s now getting a lot of comments and questions from others in the studio about Zubits magnetic closures and wonders to us; “Who wouldn’t want these?”