Climb with confidence, sports, hike with ease!

Zubits fan Emyl from Finland recently wrote us to say: “that I recently started climbing again, and I figured I'd try installing (Zubits) on my climbing shoes. They worked great! I don't know if you're familiar with rock climbing, but basically climbing shoes are REALLY tight. So tight that after climbing you want to take them off if you're going to be walking or belaying someone. That means taking off your shoes and putting them back every couple of minutes. My shoes are still super tight and they didn't come undone. I kinda hated those climbing shoes because I hated the laces, but now they're perfect.”

We’re stoked to see Zubits in action across a range of sports and would love to hear your sporty story as well!

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Zubits Cheered on by Runners

We’ve designed Zubits closures to give runners more convenience and at the same time, a strong solution to stay laced while running in their favorite shoes. So it was good news when we heard from Atticus in Port Angeles, Washington who told us “Just got my pair today. Not usually a product cheerleader, but this company deserves to succeed. So far so good, and looking forward to getting out the door on my runs just that much easier, day after day:-)” 

Hiking with Confidence

Byron from Oregon tells us he “Just walked 3 miles around and through Oaks Park in Portland, OR. These things are awesome! Not once did they come apart, nor did my laces loosen. I even had a few people ask where I got them. Thanks Zubits!” We’ve had other fans tell us of much longer hikes where the ease of getting boots and hiking shoes on and off was a sheer relief with Zubits, especially in the snow with gloved hands!

This is great news for us at Zubtis where we’ve designed our magnetic closures to be super easy to get into and out of your shoes while being completely reliable during the long walks of your days.

Rolling with Zubits Closures

When the Head Ref at Manchester Roller Derby sends you a pic of his Zubits on Roller Skates, well, you just gotta high five the guy as he rolls by.

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