Zubits helping people who've suffered strokes

There are people around the world sharing their story with us, and in particular, how Zubits closures are helping them with making their everyday lives a little better. Here's a good example from The Netherlands: "Two years ago I had a serious stroke, and as a result, I am still paralyzed (half sided) with other residual damage, physical and cognitively. During my rehabilitation,, I had to learn to tie my shoelaces all over again, which cost a lot of energy and time before I succeeded. Velcro was a solution at first, but the offering of adult shoes with velcro is not very fashionable and there is little choice. Another important aspect is the orthotic I have to wear in my left shoe, which is much easier now with Zubits. To make a long story short, Zubits magnetic shoe closures were  and are an important solution for me. During these last two years I have lived with people, young and old with all kinds of  handicaps as a result of brain damage, and they all want self-reliance. And I believe that there are more people out there, which are disabled, who would appreciate your product very much."