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Choose a Zubits closure size according to your size and intended level of activity...
Larger Zubits closures hold more secure. Smaller Zubits closures are easier to remove your foot.
Use our interactive Zubits Size Selector to help choose the best size for you.

Kids / Senior 

• Kids 5-8 years old
• Low activity, walking
• Special needs individuals


Choose Size 1 - $19.99


Youth / Adult

• Ages 8 to adult
• Good for runners
• Great for gym class


Choose Size 2 - $20.99


Large Adult / Sport

• For recreational sports
• You really like tight laces
• Shoes with stiffer souls


Choose Size 3 - $21.99

After choosing your size, the next screen will allow you to choose from these colors.
Buy one pair of Zubits® and re-use them over and over again.
The best value in shoelace solutions.
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